I am a longtime member of the North American Nature Photography Association and currently serving as its board president. It is a great group, and one of its many worthwhile projects is a high school program in which qualifying high school students can apply for a scholarship to a NANPA program in which we expose them to conservation and nature photography. For 2016, we are adding a new program, a field workshop in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Our list of graduates is impressive and it has literally changed lives. In order to make it happen, we need two things: applicants and money.

If you know of a high school student who might be a good candidate, you can learn more and find the application here.

If you have a few spare bucks you, can help fund the program with a donation here.

Our online funding campaign ends December 11, and we can use all the help we can! Give if you can and share this to help us spread the words to those who might donate or know a potential scholarship applicant.


Online fundraising for High School Student Scholarship Program