I am quite thrilled that Barbra Streisand licensed one of my images to use in her recent concert tour, which is documented in her new Netflix special, Barbra: The Music . . . The Memories . . . The Magic! 

At the 45:39 mark, she uses my image of a man holding a handful of dead monarch butterflies to help her discuss the fragility  of our natural world and how the fate of nature and humanity are now inextricably intertwined. She then launches into a beautiful rendition of Pure Imagination and a hope for a better future. 

I am quite proud that my image is being used this way, and with just a bit of fudging I can tell people that I once shared a stage with Barbra Streisand!

I also have to say that Ms. Streisand licensed the image from me for a fair price. That means a lot to me as a professional photographer and will help me pay for a return trip to Mexico in the coming months to try and document and film more of the monarch story. Thank you, Barbra!