I have been traveling non-stop lately. That part is good – I like traveling, especially when that also means I am taking lots of pictures. In fact, I have taken exactly 68,505 images this year, to be exact.

The bad part is that I have not kept up with my blog. I have been busy on my Instagram page, true, but my blog, not so much.

I am back home for awhile now and I have a backlog of stories to tell. I thought I would start off with a little news post about my recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine cover from the Devils River in West Texas.

I have spent a little bit of time there on Texas Nature Conservancy-owned lands on the Devils River and loved every minute. In the heart of the river is a beautiful waterfall called Dolan Falls. I have published a lot of images from Dolan Falls and quite happy that Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine chose one for their November issue.

The Devils River is quite possibly the most beautiful river in Texas. I know, I know, when I use the term “most beautiful” I am just setting myself up for needless debate. Fair enough, so let me elaborate a bit.

The Devils River is a relatively short, spring fed river with frequently crystal clear depths, spectacular views, ancient pictographs, and beautiful waterfalls surrounded by the wildlife -rich and starkly beautiful Chihuahuan Desert. Not to mention that the Devils River has abundant wildlife, great fishing, and a unique solitude from being one of the most remote places in the continental United States. That’s my argument. Feel free to make yours!

In case I have not swayed you, here are a few more photos from the Devils River to prove my point. Click a thumbnail to start a slideshow.