I am back from Morocco!  It was a great trip, but my grand plans to post images during it?  I failed.  No time and pretty much no wifi when I needed it. (I have been posting some phone images to Instagram, for those following me there).

But I got some really neat images and over the next week or two will post lots on the trip.  I am still getting caught up, so this will be short, but will have longer posts soon.  I should have a Morocco tour set up for next year, so you too can experience this very cool country.

This is one of the very first images I took in Morocco. As it turned out, it was no coincidence that my first image was of cats, because this country is CRAWLING WITH CATS!  They love cats (probably because they eat mice and rats) and they are all over the country. Fortunately cats also make for very convenient (and cute) models, as you will see.

These three little kittens were hiding under an old boat in the fishing town of El Jadida along the Atlantic coast. One, however, was much braver and finally came out to meet me and my little travel camera. Talk about blue eyes –wow!

Cats and Fisthing Boat

Cats underneath old fishing boat, El Jadida, Morocco. Fuji X100. 35mm. ISO 640. f/8 at 1/75 second.