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I have been traveling an awful lot in the last few months, mostly between Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico. I have been posting a lot of images to my Instagram account, but have not been blogging like I should. I will try to get back in the swing going forward, especially as I have so many things to blog about!

The Great Seed Bomb

One of them was a little volunteer event this past Saturday in the Great Trinity Forest here in Dallas called The Great Seed Bomb. Their goal is simply to reseed North Texas parks and prairies with native wildflowers and grasses. I love native prairies in and of themselves, but this project is important for other reasons, too.

I have traveled to Mexico twice in the last 4 months to photograph the incredibly threatened monarch butterflies. One of the reasons they are threatened is because of habitat loss.  They simply don’t have enough of the milkweed and pollinator plants they need.  The more “seed bombs” we can drop to help bring back native flowers and plants for pollinating insects like the monarch, the better chance they will have to survive.


I have been looking for ways to do quick videos and slideshows from my phone, and I found a really good app called Videoleap. You can use it to quickly assemble video clips and still photos together into one video, then easily add titles and text. Pretty slick!

I used Videoleap to assemble a little video to tell about Saturday’s The Great Seed Bomb event.

Check it out below!

More Images on My Photo Archive

I have posted more images from The Great Seed Bomb on my photo archive.

Check them out to see the full shoot.