On Sunday, Karen and I got up and drove to the town of Chichicastenega (“Chichi”) in the Guatemalan highlands. It is not that far in distance, but driving in Guatemala is often more about endurance than it is about speed. There is only one highway in this part of the country, and it winds up and over and around large, fog covered mountains. Very beautiful, but it is not easy to go much faster than 60km per hour.
The market is huge. Set in front of the main church, it is a pulsing mass of mayans and tourists. Color and motion. The area around the church is a wall to wall bazaar of people and booths, with many of the products devoted to tourists. Glad I’m not claustrophobic. At the front of the church, the town religious elders, or cofradias, swirl cans of burning incense. It is a smoky, dreamy atmosphere. Very cool place.
The place is a swirl of color, motion, smell and noise that triggers all of your senses. Amazing.