After the Trinity River flows south of downtown Dallas, it gets into some really beautiful spots.  One of the most incredible is McCommas Bluff.  Last spring, some beautiful penstemons were growing along the side of the bluff, and I shot this image at dusk.  I love shooting landscapes after dusk, with no direct light.  Add in a little flash to backlight the flowers and make them glow a bit, and you got something.

Penstemon Wildflowers Above Trinity River

Canon 1 Dx.  28mm.  ISO 1000.  f/6.3@ 1/6 sec.  2 flashes – one in front (-1 2/3) and one behind (full flash, snooted to hit just the flower).  Due to the low light and enough breeze to keep the flowers moving, I had to up the ISO to 1000 to get a somewhat fast shutter speed of 1/6 second)