Today was a bit of a disappointment. San Juan is known as a town with many Fair Trade cooperatives – for artisans, as well as coffee growers. I had hoped to photograph some of the cooperatives as well as a Fair Trade coffee plantation. Unfortunately, I could find no one at either of the main cooperative sites. Both the artisan coop and the coffee coop buildings were locked down tight. So I unfortunately did not get much before leaving.
And as I feared, the drive back towards Antigua was even worse. I waited, and waited and waited in lines. By the time I got near Antigua, I figured that I had missed the San Simon festival, so I went all the way into Antigua and tried to find an outfitter who could take me on an overnight to photograph one of the volcanos. In the evening, I drive to the top of a hill overlooking Antigua, where a giant sculpture of a cross overlooks the town. I got some nice images of a surreal pink sunset, as well as some Guatemalan girl scouts. On the whole, a bit of a frustrating day.