I spent the night in Pana and then got up at dawn to photograph the market in Solola. It is largely a market for locals, without too many tourists. Unfortunately for me, the early morning clouds quickly dispersed, leaving me with bright sunshine. For this type of photography, I prefer the clouds. The light was awfully harsh, but I made do and got some nice candid shots of Mayans interacting in the market.
In the afternoon, I drove to the west side of the lake to a town called San Juan La Laguna. In hindsight, it may have been a mistake, as it took me the entire afternoon to get there and I did not arrive until after dark. The road was under construction in multiple locations, and I spent hours waiting. I had hoped to get there in time to photograph in the late afternoon, then shoot a little in the morning and then leave to return towards Antigua, where there was a festival honoring an interesting Mayan saint called San Simon. I’m not sure if that will work out, now. All I know is I am exhausted.